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Molotov College Zine Edition update is live!

Molotov College is a TTRPG about super-powered drama. Inspired by superhero media like The Umbrella Academy, X-Men and Titans, you play as the alumni of a superhero school. The heroes have to deal with villains, ghosts, the authorities and the impending apocalypse, while having to confront their past trauma and overcome their differences.

No Dice, No Masters

This game uses the Belonging Outside Belonging system by Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum. It is a GMless system that uses a token economy instead of dice, and characters don’t have numerical stats.

Number of players: 3-6

Time required: 2-4 hours (3-4 hours recommended)

The game is designed and written by W.H. Arthur, with art by Xrystina Marcos.

A 56-page PDF contains all the rules you need to play the game.

Character Playbooks

The game contains 6 Character Playbooks:

Strength - The de facto leader of the group, who bears the weight of always having to do the right thing.

Justice - A brooding vigilante, who is determined to seek justice no matter the cost.

The Empress - A telepath who tries to use their power for good, but they make mistakes sometimes.

The Hierophant - Séance with a connection to the Phantom Wind; a diva and a trickster.

The World - Hero with time manipulation powers, who has seen the world ended several times already.

The Moon - Cursed with incredible power, they try to keep it under control alongside their repressed emotions.

Environment Playbooks

There are 6 Environment Playbooks; The Apocalypse, Drama Within, The Headmaster, Phantom Wind, The Power and The Society.

Guest Playbooks

The game now also includes Character Playbooks by guest writers.

The Tower is created by Rae Nedjadi (he/they); an award winning TTRPG designer from the Philippines and the visionary behind Sword Queen Games. He is known for the critically-acclaimed BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home, the sweet horror of Our Haunt, and the emotional blockbuster mystery game Apocalypse Keys.

The High Priestess is created by Charlie Etheridge-Nunn. He writes comics about blobs who solve crime and doomed superhero teenagers for Mad Robot Comics. He also writes about RPGs for Who Dares Rolls, has a solo RPG actual play podcast called Playing With Ourselves and a Star Trek podcast called Casual Trek.

Death is created by Chloe Montgomery. She is one half of Biscuit Fund Games (Tournament Arc, Goblin Country), and the other half of the Game Soup podcast. When she's not busy with work, she looks after her cat named Holmes, who takes up too much of her time. Yes, she stole her name from Life is Strange.

The Hermit is created by Josh Fox; the award-winning designer of Lovecraftesque (with Becky Annison), Last Fleet and Flotsam: Adrift Amongst The Stars alongside dozens of smaller games. He is also the producer of (and a performer in) Black Armada Tales, an indie actual play podcast. He may frequently be found at conventions in the Indie Games On The Hour room and at the UK Indie League stall.

Future Development

Molotov College is under continual development, and I am planning to run a crowd funding campaign for an extended version of the game with extra content in the future. People who has purchased the game will get the digital updates for free.

Feel free to post any feedback in the Community section.

Physical Zines

You can get the physical zines from the following places:

Dice Saloon

Leisure Games


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