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Update: I have been commissioning some art from samwindsart. Check him out on Instagram and Fiverr.

Update: I have been making The Sol Survivor into a more complete Mini-RPG, and I have just uploaded the pdf for the beta version. I am not good at art and layout, so I will probably get someone to do it professionally later on.

Entry for the Micro-RPG Jam.

The Sol Survivor is a GM-less RPG played using a deck of cards. The setting is inspired by Neil Gaiman's Stardust and Chinese mythology, with mechanics inspired by Lovecraftesque.

The game is played with 3-5 players and a poker deck. (Would probably work with 2-6 players if you really want to.) The players share the control of a sun shot down from the sky, and attempt to make it back to the heavens before the world is plunged into eternal darkness.


The Sol Survivor Mini-RPG beta v1 133 kB
The Sol Survivor (Original 200 word submission) 1 kB

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